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Kia ranks 35th on Best Global Green Brands 2014

Kia ranks 35th on Best Global Green Brands 2014

Kia's eco technology captures the world's attention

Kia launched its environment-friendly brand, EcoDynamics, in 2012 with the mission to shape our future sustainability. EcoDynamics stands for Kia's firm commitment to the pursuit of zero emissions, distinctiveness and dynamic as the core values of our products and technol­ogy, and sincerity, sustainability and engagement as the foundation of our CSR activities. Kia's environmental strategy is based on six pillars - brand, product/technology, operations, CSR activities and internal/external communications. As a result, Kia entered the rank of the 50 'Best Global Green Brands' in 2013 for the very first time.

Successful launch of Soul EV and continuous commitment to the environment

Soul EV, Kia's first zero-emissions product for global markets, was successfully launched at the Chicago and Geneva Motor Shows this year. The Soul EV received validation from Underwriters Laboratories Environment (a global independent safety science company) for bio-based organic carbon content of its interior materials. Moreover, we have been actively introducing our environment-friendly activities to both internal and external stakeholders through our annual sustainability report, 'Move'. As a result, Kia was included in the DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Index) Asia Pacific for the last four consecutive years from 2010. Additionally,. Kia was bestowed the gold award, the highest prize in the field of sustainability reporting, by the Annual Report Competition Award.

In recognition of these efforts, Kia ranked two spots up to 35th place on the list of 50 'Best Global Green Brands 2014'.

The first Korean all electrical model – KIA Soul is already available on Bulgarian market. 100% electric vehicle offers an impressive driving range and a striking design shared by its brother, the equally stylish Kia Soul. The Soul EV takes things a step further with exclusive, vibrant two-tone styling, LED daytime running lights and eye-catching headlamps and tail lamps.

The Kia Soul EV is equipped with an advanced power pack featuring lithium-ion polymer battery cells supplied by SK Innovation. The pack, which has a class-leading energy density of 200 Wh/kg, is the result of a three-year joint development program between Kia Motors Corporation and SK Innovation in Korea.

Engineers from Kia have developed the outstanding power pack featuring 192 lithium-ion polymer battery cells in eight modules, delivering a total power output of 27 kWh. The pack incorporates state-of-the-art thermal control technology to maintain individual cells at optimum temperature and structural design to enhance crash worthiness.

Nickel-rich NCM (nickel-cobalt-manganese) cathode material is used in the mass production of the battery cells for Soul EV. Energy density, which is dependent on cathode capabilities, is a core performance factor deciding EV driving range. By exploiting the class-leading energy density of its battery, the Soul EV offers a driving range of 212 km on a single charge.

In addition, a special safety & secure separator is used in the Kia Soul EV’s battery cells. The separator determines the safety and the charge/discharge speed of the battery. It has improved thermal resistance, which helps to keep the cell secure from exposure to heat or fire by preventing the shrinking of the separator if the temperature of the cell increases beyond normal levels.

Together, the low electrical resistance battery cell, proper battery system thermal control and accurate state-of-charge calculation improve the charging performance, thereby enabling an outstanding ‘fast charge’ time of 33 minutes (45 kW DC). Full recharge time, depending on power source, takes up to five hours (6.6 kW AC).

The electrolyte additive used in the Soul EV will prevent the degradation of battery performance at both low and high temperatures, expanding the temperature range of the battery usage and reducing the fluctuation of the driving range according to the weather.

The advantages of a lithium-ion polymer battery (compared to normal lithium-ion batteries) include: greater efficiency due to the simple cell structure (fewer parts), lower costs, increased safety and reliability (thanks to better thermal diffusion and internal pressure control), ease of manufacture in a variety of capacities and shapes.

In an effort to maximize efficiency and range, the Soul EV uses Kia’s third-generation regenerative braking system to capture up to 12 percent of the car’s kinetic energy, which is fed back into the battery while the Soul EV is coasting and braking.  Soul EV owners can choose between regeneration modes: “Drive” or “Brakes” modes in Eco-mode “Off,” and “Drive” or “Brakes” modes in Eco-mode “On”.

The front-wheel drive Soul EV is powered by an 81 kW, 110-hp electric motor, producing a generous 285 Nm of torque. The responsive Soul EV engine boasts astonishing 0-100 km/h acceleration and a top speed of 145 km/h.

Improved aerodynamics and the absence of engine noise, combined with special sound-proofing materials, result in an exceptionally quiet ride.  For the benefit of pedestrian safety, the Soul EV is equipped with a Virtual Engine Sound System (VESS) that emits an auditory alert at speeds below 20 km/h and whenever the car is in reverse.

Like the 2014 Kia Soul, the Soul EV will have head-turning styling and exterior features that project a cutting-edge image and discreetly highlight its electric powertrain. The smooth new-look is inspired by the 2012 Kia Track’ster concept and retains the iconic square-shouldered broad stance of the original Soul model. Soul EV will offer buyers added sparkle with projection type headlamps, LED positioning lamps, LED rear combination lamps, plus aerodynamically shaped 16” inch alloy wheels.

Soul EV is equipped with ABS, BAS, ESC, HAC, VSM, ESS, TPMS, air conditioner, "Smart key" keyless entry system, navigation system, rear view camera, Bluetooth, front & rear parking sensors, auto cruise control, etc.

UVO EV Services, a special version of Kia’s award-winning telematics and infotainment system, is put to even greater use in the Soul EV. Utilizing an embedded connectivity solution powered by the Verizon network and an integral smartphone app, UVO EV Services provides owners with an innovative, real-time, in-vehicle connectivity experience that includes navigation and added convenience features specifically tailored for the Soul EV that help owners stay informed as to their vehicle’s charging status while on the go. UVO EV Services provides real-time battery-level status, distance to empty, and the ability to search for nearby charging stations. 

TÜV Nord, an independent technical inspection organisation, has certified the new Kia Soul EV according to the ISO 14040 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) standard. LCA examines the environmental impact of both the car and the overall manufacturing process throughout its whole life, taking into account factors such as choice of materials, tailpipe emissions and recycling.

The road to becoming the best global green brand

In order to respond to rapidly changing market conditions and meet customer needs, Kia will continue its environment-friendly activities by commercializing outstanding products and technologies that are developed and produced using eco-friendly processes. We will also strengthen both internal and external communications on our green roadmap based on guidelines that have been distributed to all global subsidiaries and distributors since 2012.

Kia, the No. 1 best global green brand. This is where we are heading.

Kia Motors enters Interbrand’s list of 50 Best Global Green Brands 2013

Kia Motors enters Interbrand’s list of 50 Best Global Green Brands 2013

Kia Motors has been named 37th in Interbrand’s list of the 50 Best Global Green Brands 2013, a debut for the Korean car manufacturer in the annual ranking of sustainability and environmental performance of the world’s 100 most valuable brands. Interbrand assesses businesses based on market perception and the actual environmental performance of the company and its products and services.


According to the 50 Best Global Green Brands 2013 study, Kia has placed eco-management at the forefront of its brand management strategy alongside its emphasis on quality and design management since 2006. Under this initiative, Kia has made huge strides in improving the performance of its vehicles, with a strong focus on enhancing fuel efficiency and a long-term aim for zero-emission vehicles. As a result of its efforts, Kia continues to be perceived as a leader in the environmental sustainability sector.


Kia’s commitment to increasingly efficient mobility is realized partly through the introduction of the latest green technologies to its growing range of products under the EcoDynamics umbrella to ensure the company remains ahead of global emissions regulations and continuously improves average fuel consumption of its entire product line-up. This includes the development of hybrid powertrains for the brand’s Forte model in Korea and Optima model in global markets, plug-in electric vehicles, full-electric vehicles and even hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles.


Kia has also realized an increase in the environmental performance of its supply chain, production centers and logistics operations. The brand has been recognized for minimizing harmful emissions from its operations and reducing the use of water resources during the manufacturing process, as well as recycling more than 90 percent of the waste generated during production at domestic plants.


Meanwhile, the brand brings its corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities together under the slogan, ‘A Better Way to Go,’ which has seen the introduction of the Green Light Project – a global initiative to build schools and provide school buses to children without access to education. The Green Light Project also runs disease prevention programs and mobile clinics. In 2012, Kia realized a 15 percent year-on-year increase in CSR investment.


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