Green Driving

  • Tips for economical driving

  • 1.Timing

    Where possible, avoid the rush hour and heavily congested roads. Even with ISG an uneven journey will still use more fuel.

  • 2.Decelerate smoothly

    When slowing down always release the accelerator pedal smoothly and keep the car in gear. Avoid coasting as you’ll be less in control of your car.

  • 3.Accelerate smoothly

    One of the main causes of excessive fuel consumption is harsh acceleration – try to accelerate smoothly and evenly and you’ll find your fuel consumption really improves.

  • 4.Turn it off

    Your car’s electrics are powered by the engine, so anything you leave on will affect your consumption and emissions. Always switch off demisters and heated rear windscreen when you don’t need them.

  • 5.Lose weight

    If there is anything in the boot you don’t need for the journey, take it out! The more extra weight your car is carrying, the more fuel it’ll use.

  • 6.Don’t idle

    Only start your engine when you’re ready to go as idling wastes fuel – engines warm up more quickly when on the move. In winter it’s always better to scrape ice rather than leaving your car idling to warm it up.

  • 7.Stick to speed limits

    Fast driving uses far more fuel and cause greater pollution. Over 50 km/h fuel consumption rises exponentially. If you ever feel tempted to cruise on a motorway at 80 km/h, not only are you breaking the wall, you are also using up to 25% more fuel than driving within the speed limit.

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